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B-1.I-1.II-.III-1.IV-1.V-1.VI-1.VII-1.VIII-1.IX-1. Ascendants of Elizabeth Christine Skogue/Skog

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The following information was given to me by Dick Swanson. I have created a new prefix of "B", and "BB" for the Skogue/Skog  ascendants. A note about the Swedish locations: Tomsjo is a village, Bjuraker is the parish, Gavleborgs is the county, and Halsingland is the province.

Here is a hierarchy of this line of the family:


B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1.VI-1.VII-1.VIII-1. Kjerstin Pehrsdotter born 1827 B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1.VI-1.VII-1. Pehr Larsson born 1781 B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1.VI-1. Lars Strom Pehrsson born 1741 B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1.  Pehr Larsson born 1709 B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1. Lars Pehrsson born 1675 B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.Pehr Larsson born 1630 B-1.I-1.II-1. Lars Pehrsson born 1600 B-1.I-1. Pehr Ersson born 1570 B-1. Erich Oluffsson born 1540
? mother
? mother
Margta Pehrsdotter born 1676
Ingrid Jonsdotter born 1712 Jonas Berg
Ingrid Jonsdotter born 1674
BB-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1. Brita Ersdotter born 1740 BB-1.I-1.II-1.III-1. Eric Lillberg Olofsson born 1704 BB-1.I-1.II-1. Olof Andersson born 1673 BB-1.I-1. Anders Olofsson born 1650 BB-1. Olof Andersson born 1630
Brita Ersdotter born 1650
Anna Jonsdotter born 1675 Jonas Larsson born 1650
Margta Andersdotter born 1701 Anders Carlsson
Anna Andersdotter
Brita Olofsdotter born 1780 Eric Olofsson
? mother

B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.   Pehr Larsson married Golin
   B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1. Lars Pehrsson married Margta Pehrsdotter
      B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. Pehr Larsson married Ingrid Jonsdotter, daughter of Jonas Berg and Ingrid
         B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1.VI-1. Lars Strom Pehrsson married BB-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1. Brita Ersdotter
            B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.  Pehr Larsson married Brita Olofsdotter
               B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-1. Britta Pehrsdotter
               B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-2. Olof Pehrsson
               B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-3. Ingrid Pehrsdotter
               B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-4. Anna Pehrsdotter
               B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-5. Lars Pehrsson
               B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-6. Margta Pehrsdotter
               B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-7. Cherstin / Kjerstin (Christine) Pehrsdotter married Jonas
                 (John) Andersson
                  B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-7.IX-1.  Britta Jonasdotter Andersson (changed to
                         Elizabeth Christine Skog in USA) married   Carl Axel Quanstrom
                  B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-7.IX-2. Anna Jonasdotter (changed name to Anna Skog in
                     USA) married August Giddings
                  B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-7.IX-3. Kjerstin Jonasdotter (changed name to Emma C.
                     Skog in USA)
                  B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-7.IX-4. Sigrid Jonasdotter Andersson (changed name to
                     Scedia Skog in USA)
                  B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-7.IX-5. Carin Jonasdotter Andersson (changed name to
                     Carrie Skog in USA)
                  B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-7.IX-6. Per Jonasson Andersson (changed name to Peter
                      Skog in USA)
                  B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.VII-1.VIII-1.IX-7. Maggie Helena Skog married Elmer Fabian

BB-1. Olof Andersson married Margta.
   BB-1.I-1. Anders Olofsson married Brita Ersdotter
      BB-1.I-1.II-1. Olof Andersson married Anna Jonsdotter, daughter of Jonas Larsson and Anna
         BB-1.I-1.II-1.III-1. Eric Lillberg Olofsson married Margta Andersdotter, daughter of Anders Carlsson and
             Anna Andersdotter
            BB-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1.VI-1.VII-1. Brita Olofsdotter
                married B-1.I-1.II-1.III-1.IV-1.V-1. VI-1.VII-1.Pehr Larsson