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A-1.I-1.II-5. Descendants of Elmer Alfred Quanstrom

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A-1.I-1.II-5. Elmer Alfred Quanstrom was born 06 May 1886 near Chicago, Illinois, USA. On 02 Apr. 1912 in Morrison, Illinois, USA he married Margaret Bennett. She was born 12 Feb. 1889 in Fulton, Illinois, USA to Thomas and Mary Eagan Bennett. Elmer died 18 Nov. 1939 and Margaret died 07 Nov. 1968. Both are buried in Fulton, Illinois, USA. Their children are:


A-1.I-1.II-5.III-1. Mary Elizabeth Quanstrom
          married Frank Foster
born 17 July 1913
A-1.I-1.II-5.III-2. Elmer Thomas Quanstrom born 08 Sep. 1923 died 8 May 1942
A-1.I-1.II-5.III-3. Donald Quanstrom born 1925 died 1930